Create custom TV series using NFO/XML files

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I hate their “Bible”.

They have a backward view on “Collections”. So, you can’t have a collection like Marvel Cinematic Universe, because according to the bible, “Collections should only be used for true movie sequels”, and they are contemplating about implementing “a proper Universe feature in the future.” So, now, feel free to be stuck in a limbo.

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naming a folder with square brackets with the name as you want it to display in Infuse

What are the square brackets for? Seems to work also without the brackets.

Oh, That is how I have them named in my Library, I can’t find any documentation about that. I guess the 101 for meta data should be updated to include this.

Might be that I applied my personal style to sort collections on top in my library.

I have a folder for each movie as well, this way my collection folders sort above my regular movie folders.

Hey, I don’t think this works in Infuse. I’ve tried it. It doesn’t create any playlists or collections. Are you sure it works in Infuse and not some other media server like Jellyfin?

@James Could you please clarify if this is supported?

This works for me, but I would like to make a correction.

Infuse do NOT recognize movies as collections by just grouping files in a folder. For infuse to treat files as a collection the source of the scrape (TMDB) need to group movies in to collections, i.e. not for you to have a say on.

The above works for my collection of files. To enable me to navigate a library were I can find collection-folders represented by folder-name (and folder.jpg), as if it was a collections. As I navigate into that folder, the next level movies are displayed, including next level of collection-folders, etc.

The use of [ square brackets ] is my personal preference to have collections listed before movies.

I have one library called Collections were I organize movies according to my collections how I want to see them. This way I can navigate Movies the way I want to.

The individual movies will be recognized as any other movie. Infuse will scrape the movie and show them under Infuse-collections according to scrape source (TMDB), i.e. not as I wish to organized them.

See a directory listing of my “Luc Besson” collections, where there are several individual movies and also some next level “collections”…
I chosen to place every movie in a separate folder, this make it easier (cleaner) for me to add my own artwork, subtitles and metadata when needed.

V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Angel-A
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Colombiana
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\folder.jpg
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\From Paris With Love
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Leon The Professional
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Lockout
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Lucy
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Nikita
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\The Big Blue
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\The Family
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\The Fifth Element
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Unleashed
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Wasabi
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[District B13]
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taken]
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taxi]
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Angel-A\Angel-A.2005.1080p.BluRay.x264.AAC5.1.mp4
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Angel-A\
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Colombiana\Colombiana.2011.Unrated.1080p.BluRay.x264.AAC.mp4
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\From Paris With Love\From Paris with Love.2010.1080p.BluRay.x265.mp4
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\From Paris With Love\From Paris with
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Leon The Professional\Leon the Professional.1994.Extended.BrRip.x264.mp4
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Lockout\Lockout.2012.BrRip.x264.1080p.mp4
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Lockout\
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Lucy\Lucy.2014.SWESUB.720p.BRRip.x264.AC3.mkv
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Nikita\Nikita.1990.1080p.bluray.6ch.hevc.x265.mkv
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\The Big Blue\The Big Blue.1988.Extended.BRRip.720p.x264.AAC.mp4
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\The Big Blue\The Big
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\The Family\The Family.2013.1080p.BluRay.x264.mp4
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\The Fifth Element\The Fifth Element.1997.1080p.BluRay.mkv
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\The Fifth Element\The Fifth
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Unleashed\Unleashed.[Danny the Dog].2005.1080p.BrRip.x264.mp4
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Unleashed\Unleashed.[Danny the Dog]
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Wasabi\Wasabi.2001.720p.bluray.x264.mkv
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\Wasabi\
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[District B13]\District B13
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[District B13]\District B13 Ultimatum
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[District B13]\folder.jpg
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[District B13]\District B13\District B13.2004.BRRip.XviD.AC3.avi
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[District B13]\District B13 Ultimatum\District 13 Ultimatum.2009.BluRay.1080p.x264.AAC.5.1.mkv
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taken]\folder.jpg
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taken]\Taken
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taken]\Taken 2
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taken]\Taken 3
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taken]\Taken\Taken.2008.1080pBrRip.x264.mp4
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taken]\Taken\
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taken]\Taken 2\Taken 2.2012.EXTENDED.1080p.BluRay.x264.mp4
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taken]\Taken 3\Taken 3.2014.1080p.BluRay.x264.mp4
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taxi]\folder.jpg
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taxi]\Taxi
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taxi]\Taxi 2
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taxi]\Taxi 3
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taxi]\Taxi 4
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taxi]\Taxi 5
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taxi]\Taxi\Taxi.1998.BluRay.720p.DTS.x264.mkv
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taxi]\Taxi\
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taxi]\Taxi 2\Taxi 2.2000.720p.BluRay.H264.AAC.mp4
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taxi]\Taxi 2\Taxi
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taxi]\Taxi 3\Taxi 3.2003.720p.BluRay.H264.AAC.mp4
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taxi]\Taxi 3\Taxi
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taxi]\Taxi 4\Taxi 4.2007.DirectorsCut.720p.BluRay.H264.AAC.mp4
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taxi]\Taxi 4\Taxi
V:\collections\[_Luc Besson_]\[Taxi]\Taxi 5\Taxi 5.2017.FRENCH.BDRip.XviD.avi

This is ridiculous. Totally ridiculous.

@james, just provide the relevant features and documentation for us to use our own local metadata files - for movies, TV shows and collections - and stop wasting all of our time.

This has been going on for YEARS now. Enough.


Indeed, tmdb is very unfriendly to non-standard or self compiled collections. Instead of letting users follow you to change online metadata services, it’s better to support the local metadata of TV dramas that have been chatting for several years


Any ideas as to the best way to cause a TV series that does not appear in TMDB to group into seasons/espisodes on Infuse in iOS? The series cannot be added to TMDB (it does not qualify, long story). I don’t care about art or information, just grouping so that every episode does not appear as a separate entry in Files. (The files are presently named Series Name S01E01, Series Name S01E02… Series Name S02E01, Series Name S02E02, etc.)

I moved your post to a currently running thread in the suggestions forum requesting this feature.

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You can add them in a folder, then add an image folder.png to make it look nice, almost as a collection. If you browse by folders you will then have one entry for all those episodes.
If you browse in other ways you will see each individual episode.

Is there a “browse by folders” in iOS? I can’t find one.

Tmdb is very unfriendly to personalized needs. It has been discussed for several years. When can we establish local metadata for TV dramas? Why should online metadata with poor experience be the only solution?!

My official reply to tmdb means: “You already have entries, but a lot of information is missing, and the chapter introduction is blank. I just need to facilitate the people who also need to build my own film library. If it’s not because infuse doesn’t provide local drama metadata, I have to cooperate with you. I’m also reluctant to enter the introduction, upload screenshots and create entries on your website after watching each episode. If you’re not a robot, please consider this practical problem.”


Why don’t firecore/Infuse host its own db for our custom series/movies/compilation if you refuse to add proper support for local xml/info files?


It’s really urgently necessary to give us the possibility to create custom TV-Shows! And make us completely independent from TMDB!

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There are constant discussions with these unfriendly moderators at TMDB, because they disagree whether something is a TV series or a movie! This dependence on TMDB must finally be ended! In addition, TMDB is also unnecessarily cluttered, because users add things just so that it appears correctly in Infuse :frowning:

Give us a simple possibility for XML/NFO Support to create a TV-Show, without TMDB!


Yeah I have to agree with this.

I really wanted to switch to Infuse natively but it’s just not possible.

I watch a lot of documentaries…BBC, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Nat-Geo etc…

Around 50% of those can actually be found on TMDB as movies. The missing ones though account for something like 200+ files that have no metadata in Infuse (which also then means no to Trakt scrobbling)

If it was just 10 or 15 files then perhaps I could add them to TMDB. But definitely not 200+

Bottom line is I just still have to keep Plex running and have Infuse connect to that.


Also I just wanted to clarify.
I am not only talking only about 200 episodes that don’t exist on the the TMDB.

I’m purely referring to those documentaries I have collected/care about. (For me that’s a handful of episodes each year).

Just in the case of the BBC documentaries there are usually anything up to 300 documentaries each year going back for 90+ years (yes really).

My personal preference is the option to be able to add our own TVDB api subscription to use TVDB when required. Failing that we really do need nfo’s.

We definitely need something.

Potentially (and being very conservative) thousands of files for which Infuse has no longer any idea what they are…but did know what they were a year or two ago? It just seems really strange that this isn’t being addressed.

What I really would like however is just definitive thoughts if any of this isn’t technically achievable and so never gonna happen.
Infuse rocks.
Plex sucks.
But if I have to use Plex to make Infuse viable then so be it. (Again it would just be nice to know.)

Just sayin’


Totally agree with you @astrodan . Never see something that ridiculous.

No offence to anybody who work on this app, but guys, why removing such a crucial feature? A lot of people likes to have their own NFO/XML files instant of downloading them from the web.

A lot of us spent many hours creating our files. It was working very well on previous version, and now with the latest update, cast, directors and writers does not appear anymore.

I’ve sent an email concerning this issue and I’ve been replied: Thanks for the suggestion. Really??!

Can we have a solid answer to know when this feature will be back please?