Create custom TV series using NFO/XML files

The same file type can be used to override portions of TV episode info, however in order to use the Library related features you will need to ensure Metadata Fetching is enabled in Infuse.

But the file is really simple. Where do i add the episode number? Where the show name? What is the section title ‚movie‘ and ???
Infuse needs some things to know to geoup these single „movies“ to an season.
Is there anywhere in this forum a complete xml file?

I need them because i have ‚cutted‘ some dvds in smaller episodes, so i don not find them in databases and it is not usefull to add them there.

The series grouping is handled using the filename.

For example

Lost.S01.E01.mp4 and Lost.S01.E02.mp4 would be grouped together.

and i must not writer “TV-shows” instead of movies?
Where ist die Picture for the “TV-Show” and where for the “season” and where for the episode?

Thats it?
No more response?
Where is the complete documentation of the metadata.xml?
Why is it that big mystery?

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Hey ?
The Tag „TV-Show“ is currently not working…
The Show must be listet at, so Infuse can recognize it as a TV-Show…

You can use some XML Scripting Language Tags to make Pagebreaks, Division etc in Description Text…
As well you can change the Episode Name, Cast, Writer, User-Star-Rating, Age Rating etc.

Look at this example:

You can use own pictures as TV-Show Posters, Season-Posters, Thumbnails and blurred Fanart-Background.

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i will try this.
but why is there no documentation?

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Good question. Asking for months for this. DTD/XSD definition would be fine. See How to manage home videos + concerts with Infuse (xml file etc).

Only thing we can do is keep asking, I guess. :frowning:


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bumping 3 years later, still cannot find official documentation on manually creating .xml files for shows (not movies).
if this info is of any use, i’m trying to re-add Neon Genesis Evangelion (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン - to my collection and have Infuse 6 Pro recognize it, but for some reason it doesn’t show up in the metadata search anymore, so what i want to do is just manually create the metadata.
any help is much appreciated

I documented my findings when trying this out a few years ago, this previous posting above.

You can do either .info or .xml file, they have different support. None can build a series/TVshows.
You can trick Infuse by mix local metadata with “false” series to have them show on your apple tv, but when you go offline it make the offline copy to your iPad it collects the online data from the “false” series.

Cannot understand why @james have not prioritized this yet. How hard could it be? You are able to scrape all kind of external resources for this, having everything provided in file would be a piece of cake. Just provide the schema and we will be happy. Either info or xml format as you do in your internal database.

I want to organize my home recording sorted as series. Events like my recordings of soccer or ice hockey games etc, or other family events. The series/TV show format would be perfect.

Please fix this…


Don’t hold your breath!

Documentation and fixes for local metadata has been requested for years. It has been ‘coming soon’ but it just never materialises.

I don’t know why they just don’t just do it and get a ton of support and forum queries off their back. They must really hate documentation.


I need this for things not in TMDB.

What should I do for lecture series like this in my library?

Those are currently using embedded metadata, but lacks series support.

If you want your own material displayed as TV shows, then there is only one solution so far.

You need to get you Seasons and Episodes on a site that Infuse is scrapping, they don’t support the regular xml or nfo files for this.

Create a catalogue for you “show”.
And a “Season 1”, “Season 2” folder for each “season”.
Add a “folder.jpg” images in each catalague, use poster (portrait) format the Show and Seasons.

I use to document the “episodes”, what name should be listed and description etc.

Name your videos like “Showname S01E01” and place them in corresponding Season catalogue.
Finally add images for each episode, I use fanart (landscape) format, ideally you should have both formats here (if you use you iPad in portrait mode).

This has been robust for some years now, and works fine on my Apple TV and iPad and download fine as I offline content to my iPad via infuse.

This should quite easily fixed by Infuse if they just wanted, max a few days…

Hi, I just noticed that the above procidure is no longer as stable as it used to be :frowning:
As episode names and description are no longer scraped and images for seasons are not displayed on apple tv but on iPad.

Very sad to see how the platform behaves so different!

This might be that is no are about to be phased out.

An alternative solution could be to nest collections
You do a collection by naming a folder with square brackets with the name as you want it to display in Infuse [CollectionName]

If you want an image for your collection you just place a folder.jpg in each collection as you see fit, use poster/portrait format.

In the collection folder you can place videos, or another set of collections, or a combination of videos and collections. I don’t know how many levels you can nest, I just tried two levels so far… but I can’t see a reason for multiple levels to work.

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So, like…

dir/ [MIT S.601] / Lecture_1.mkv, Lecture_2.mkv, … ?

Correct, and if you like.
___[MIT S.601]
___[MIT S.602]
___[MIT S.301]
___[MIT S.302]

or what make sense…

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As you now switched to TMDB and I made a rescan of my meta data I now try to scrape my custom TV shows from TMDB where they don’t exist.

I had them created in and infuse did a half good job of scraping from there, until I flushed my metadata.

TMDB has a “bible” and TV shows not adhering are flushed by the moderator at TMDB, so we cannot add our own (even though it doesn’t explicitly fail the bible, but if the moderator think they are close to fail they are removed as well, so not forgiving solution).

Can I somehow get my custom TV shows back?

  • Can I point one series to scrape from
  • Will you fix manual xml/nfo support for TV shows?