Create custom TV series using NFO/XML files

I would love more info on this too, specifically the xml options


Are you doing anything for manual/local meta data?

You cannot seriously want us to register at the ”” and create dummy tv series for our private videos just to have them nicely presented by Infuse.

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We have some things in the works here for an upcoming version, but no ETA just yet.


My concern is discussed in this recent topic and seems to be central to this topic from 2017.

From what I understand, we are not able to create metadata for our own media as a “TV Show”. Custom movies are relatively easy, of course.

So far, I haven’t gotten the trick working that @james described in the 2017 thread but it’s not a good solution.

I know there are complications that aren’t obvious to users but I think Firecore needs to consider allowing a method for us to define our own media as “TV Shows”.


I totally agree!! I want that function

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Replying mostly to bump this up… and to enable notifications.

I understand that some people want to format private videos as a series… I’d like to do that with commercial series which the folks at tvdb don’t deign to recognize. Like Masterclass.

(MasterClass Episode Titling - #12 by NC_Bullseye)

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Any news about this? It’s such a nice feature! Would be great to customize your own productions and have them nicely displayed on infuse without having to register as a fake tv show on IMDB.

Would be cool if the feature is implemented relatively quickly so that I can work on my study videos with Infuse.
Otherwise I’m running out of time and getting old.

Unfortunately this is currently tagged as wishlist so it will be a while. Look for it to move to planned. You can also check the upcoming releases for items.

How can we change the tag from wishlist to planned?
As this has been open for many years while it have been claimed it did work while actually didn’t… and there is still not publish an official description for NFO or XML files, just a few posts like mine summarizing how it works based on trial and error.

I’m not sure if this is helpful to anyone or not but I use Vidal Van Bergen’s VIMediaManager for the Mac. It can pull in images and .nfo data from various services or you can create your own. Just make sure you’ve set your file structure as you want it, point the add directories to your chosen movies, tv shows and even anime and fetch metadata. For any it can’t match, you can create. Infuse picks these up but… I’ve not tried it extensively for series that are bespoke. Perhaps someone else can try it as a workaround until infuse has a solution and report how you get on. ViMediaManager details are available here…

Thanks, but the problem is to build the NFO/XML but to figure out which keywords Infuse actually look at. To my knowledge Inufse do not support custom (local) NFO/XML for series, you need to enter you “custom” data om which my not be optimal…

Indeed. Infuse will read local .nfo for movies but TV Series are a bit more tricky as there is an .nfo for the series (which in turn references the offsite .xml) but then there are individual .nfo files per episode as well. VIMediaManager can’t create these either (as it tends to fall over) but, if you have a whole load of patience, you can clone an existing series with the same amount of episodes you require and then begin the process of replacing the existing files with yours and then edit both the main data file and the episode data within VIMediaManager. A ball ache for sure but it depends how bad you want it I guess.

A more simpler method would be to create each episode as a movie in VIMediaManager and group them in Infuse as a playlist.

Workarounds I know but perhaps something to consider.

I have created all the XML/NFO files with

However, the covers remain unchanged in Infuse. See here:

Also check how this work on your Apple TV for ”online” LAN media vs downloaded local media on an iPad…

Of course, I have already checked this. As you can read in the post.


Per Google Translate:
It proves once again the necessity and urgent need of infuse to support local metadata for TV dramas

Welcome to the forum!

I moved your post to a currently running thread requesting this feature.

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I did manage to create a series of my Learning Videos on TMDB and also get a matching poster displayed in Infuse, but I received a warning from the moderator on TMDB because private videos violate the guidelines.

Very unsatisfactory.

But there is already a great tool for creating and editing NFO/XML files: Metadata creator: tinyMediaManager Download - tinyMediaManager

@James The only thing missing is that Infuse also loads the covers and posters using the local metadata and defines it as a series. All metadata such as the description of the series and the episodes and also the posters can already be fast edited in tinyMediaManager.

I even renamed the file names of my private videos in the correct format.

@james please push our cause, then Infuse will also serve a meaningful productive purpose and not just entertainment.

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i understand the manual metadata.xml for movies and it is good for me.
but how do i have to build these file for series and tv shows?
can anybody upload an example?