Create custom TV series using NFO/XML files

When this finally get implemented? :wink:

TMDB always d!cks around with their stupid rules and that so called “bible” of contribution.

If you want to add something to TMDB, knowing that it’s probably not worth your time, what you can do is to add a movie or a TV show with 2 episodes with the most bare bone Information, then report yourself or mention it in their discussion/talk page. The “moderators” will come and look at your page and probably delete it. If they don’t, then you can go back and flush out the rest.

If they tell you to piss off in a passive aggressive way, at least you didn’t spend much time on it and wasted their time too.

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Yes, and that is why we finally need the possibility to add own TV-Shows mit XML/NFO completely without the need of TMDB :wink::+1:

Promoted to planned :shushing_face::tada:


Yes finally :tada:
But „planned“ could be mean we have to wait some more 2-3 years for it :rofl:

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I don’t want to like your post because I don’t want to jinx anything.

But with the 7.5.5 stuff I was so excited for being pushed back from “in progress” to “pending” and no earlier than 7.6.1, which is at least 5 update cycles away now … I’m kinda getting my heart broken. :pensive:


I hope the data structure is compatible with Jellyfin’s.

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Pretty standard between that and Kodi and all the others.


I’m new to Infuse and this forum and I wasn’t aware of this “drama”…

I had to fix tv show titles for all shows that have a different episode count in TMDB than in my country (Germany). Obviously the TMDB titles don’t match the episodes in this case.

Not knowing that this isn’t supported, I created XML-files with the corrected titles according to the instructions on the Firecore website. And it worked as expected on all my devices (iMac, iPad, Apple TV). And yes, I tried other tags (e. g. description), but they didn’t work… I thought it must be a bug, but I didn’t care…

Last week I noticed in my living room (on Apple TV) that all(!) corrected show titles show up with the wrong matching episode from TMDB. This means the XML-files are no longer respected. Not even the title tag!

I checked Infuse on my iMac and my iPad - and I was surprised to see that everything still works on these devices. All corrected show title are perfectly shown in the Infuse GUI. But not on my Apple TV…

I opened a support request and informed Firecore about this new bug in Infuse on Apple TV. And only in Infuse on Apple TV! They answered, that XML-files for metadata are not supported for tv shows at all and they didn’t accept this as a bug. In addition they sent me a link to this discussion…

And I find myself sitting in the living room as an Infuse Pro user looking at the “title mess” for many tv show episodes Infuse now has created on my Apple TV… this is ridiculous…

Fortunately this mess isn’t synced to other platforms e. g. each platform seems to do it’s own metadata mapping (and has it’s own implementation of respecting local XML-files or not).


Hey :wink:

Is there a „Workaround“ to customize the TV-Show Name with an NFO/XML File? (until real NFO-Support is available in Infuse)

If I edit Metadata and choose any TV-Show, is it possible to override the Series-Name with a Custome-Name? Maybe there is a Trick/Workaround for this :wink::+1:

Hey Christian1979,

as I described in my last post, XML-files for tv shows work with same tags, e. g. “title”. That’s exactly, what I used so far - not knowing, that this is not a supported feature.

I didn’t create “custom tv shows” by choosing any tv show for something. I selected the right tv show and had to override the episode titles because of a different episode count in TMDB.

Unfortunately they broke this with one of their last Infuse updates for Apple TV - iMac and iPad still work as before and override the tv show title from the XML-file, Apple TV doesn’t anymore.

They don’t accept this as a bug, because it’s not supported. I’m still hoping that they will fix it…

Does that mean an older Infuse Version (tvOS) was able to override the Title from a TV-Show?
And now this not work anymore :rage:

I really hope Infuse finally implement support for true XML/NFO Support to get rid of the Dependency of TMDB :wink::+1:

If there is, I haven’t found it, and I’ve investigated this thoroughly.

Through the use of local .nfo you can customize (overwrite) much of the TMDB-derived metadata for individual episodes (displayed episodes’ titles, plots, cast members, etc.), but series titles and episode IDs are not among them.

  • Episode IDs: S01E11 — you can’t use an .nfo to make Infuse apply a different episodes’s metadata to a given episode as a shortcut to dealing with issues with shows like Firefly that were broadcast out of sequence and are picked up by Infuse by TMDB’s broadcast order and not “DVD order” since Infuse does not yet support alternate episode orders.

The reason I’ve determined that series titles can’t be changed is Infuse was designed in such a way that TV series are treated as nothing more than “TMDB collections” of episodes and Infuse is not set up to allow users to change the titles or inclusion of TMDB (Movie) Collections nor the titles of TMDB (TV Show) “Collections”.

Another very annoying thing I’ve discovered about Infuse over the last couple months I’ve lived without home Internet is that no matter if you group all episodes of your TVDB-compliant TV Series in per-season subfolders with complete local metadata and local artwork … if Infuse can’t connect to the internet to query TMDB to identify your media files itself — it simply refuses to utilize and display the provided local metadata, episode thumbnails, season#episode# filenames and folder structure — leading all your TV series folders containing one loooong list of all the tv episodes in your collection in one sloppy page — with autogenerated portrait orientation thumbnails (like movies) instead of horizontal orientation tv episode thumbnails. Local fanart is also ignored on the episode details pages.

Folder are is only utilized because I’ve named them “folder.jpg” as opposed to “poster.jpg”.

A fully complete series looks like this, without access to internet. No reason it shouldn’t auto-populate the window it generates when you click on one of those barely identifiable episode “portraits”:

The “New Episodes” Subfolder in my TV Folder:

Next, the display of wild episodes you get clicking an episode folder, instead of a details page with episode pickers right away. Note what should be displayed is either a “Season 1” folder icon or a proper flattened episode selection page:

Now click through to an episode:

The same occurs with multiple-season series:

  • Below I’ve disabled “Show Filename” to make clear offline-Infuse still recognizes these are tv episodes with unique season and episode identifications.

Episode titles, synopses, ratings, and cast members are pulled from the episodes’ .nfo files and are displayed correctly — but local artwork is not respected; nor are episode files properly grouped into distinct seasons while every possible indication they ought to be is present. :confused:

TV show episode titles, yes.
TV show series titles, no.

Same as TMDB Collections:
Movie titles, yes.
Collection titles, no.

It’s really not understandable why Firecore always bring new Features instead of fixing finally the Basics :thinking:


“The Lord works in mysterious ways.”


TheMovieDb continues to annoy me. Added 60+ episodes of an Internet show over the last couple days. Got an e-mail today that they deleted it because it was against their guidelines. (They let Internet shows like Critical Role be in there, so I guess this isn’t as popular or famous as that one? Ugh.)

…so without the show being in the site (even though it’s on IMDb AND TVDB), my files in Infuse will be a mess. I can’t emphasize how much I hate both TheMovieDb’s stupid rules (including the “default order is ALWAYS air date with no exceptions” one) and Infuse’s continued lack of attention to allow users to include info for TV shows that aren’t allowed by TheMovieDb.

Man, I really miss the days when Infuse used TVDB. We didn’t know how good we had it.

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Absolutely agree!
This is why we really finally need full NFO-Support for Users which don’t want to use an additional Emby/Plex Server :+1:

After over 7 Years of Waiting it’s now finally Time for this!


Best to read them first before wasting time on adding content that will inevitably be deleted (see specifically the section for content Not Supported linked to below):

If in doubt, ask a moderator.


To be fair, TMDB now supports alternative episode orders via their episode groups feature (see this example for Firefly), though it isn’t super intuitive how to access them on their website and Firecore does not yet support them.