Create custom TV series using NFO/XML files

If you download the local metadata as well, then yes.

Infuse will continue to use local info even after database flush and rebuild. The only thing you need to do is name the files as if they were a show in the TMDB database — or else they won’t be indexed by Infuse nor added to the library.

If you download the local metadata as well, then yes.

But there isn’t an option to download local meta data as well, or have I missed something?
I can just select the shows/movies and make them available offline. When doing that names and metadata is all different that when using the online version (for instance show/movie name is now by the containing folder and not filename or .nfo-name.

I’m assuming you mean in the Infuse App?
No, I wouldn’t know about that; I don’t own a Mac and only use the AppleTV version.

You might need to copy the videos and metadata files manually to your device, and then point the app to their local location.

Maybe a Mac or iOS user with experience here can chime in?

I don’t own a Mac either.

I do own iPad, and I speciy asked about that. But I take it you have not tried to offline using an iPad, so you were not in a position to answer.

There is no option, as far as I know, to get the local meta data as you offline movies/TV shows.

This very much limits the use of the procedure you describe, and that has been describe previously.

As you responded that I did work I somehow got the impression you found a work around, but that was not the case.

On my iPhone, these are all the places where the Infuse IOS app says I can look to add files already on my phone to my library (and the same options exist on my new iPad):

Have you tried uploading a video and its .jpg and .nfo files to your iPad’s “Files” app?

You’re right; I haven’t yet tried this myself (because it wasn’t a use case I’ve needed) and apologize for causing confusion. My previous experience with using the iOS app was simply for troubleshooting collection management issues with regard to name and date matching with TMDB … (and I only just purchased an iPad capable of running Infuse 7) — and while my files were located on my NAS and not my phone, the iOS app respected their local metadata same as my Apple TVs.

It just made sense to me when reading your post that if I did copy files over, I might also need to copy the metadata, too (if indeed Infuse wasn’t doing that natively).

I never did copy any files over to my phone, though, through Infuse. Instead, I would use my Synology DS File App to download folders to my phone, if I wanted to have some offline content with me while away from home.

I might now try using only Infuse and native Apple apps later on to satisfy my curiosity; but in the meantime, perhaps consider trying yourself (if you haven’t already).

But this is not offlining from your main source. You cannot not add just the local meta seats this way, or at least it won’t be used.

This issue is about being able to add local/custom meta data and have that transparent through out the app in all its use cases. No treat every use case differently.

Like when offlining from your ATV (main source) to your iPad and what looked almost ok on your ATV now get a completely different name on your device (name of the folder it stored in).

This issue is also about documenting what is supported, which tags in .nfo or .XML will be consumed. This is something infuse already know but refuse to share, no one knows why.

I’m happy you are content with the solution you found working for you, but your use-case was the starting point of this issue.

After I tried to manually write metadata files for some episodes that could not be found in TVDB, infuse was unable to display them as episodes.
This is the first time I’ve set up metadata manually, and I’m not sure if this is an infuse problem or just me.

NFO files

file structure

├── Season 1
│   ├── season.nfo
│   ├── 西部巡游记.S01E001.买车出发.1080p.BILIBILI.WEB-DL.HEVC.AAC.mp4
│   ├── 西部巡游记.S01E001.买车出发.1080p.BILIBILI.WEB-DL.HEVC.AAC.nfo
│   ├── 西部巡游记.S01E002.瞬间变心.1080p.BILIBILI.WEB-DL.HEVC.AAC.mp4
│   ├── 西部巡游记.S01E002.瞬间变心.1080p.BILIBILI.WEB-DL.HEVC.AAC.nfo
│   └── ...
└── tvshow.nfo

Infuse doesn’t support this but I moved your post to a currently running thread in the suggestions forum requesting that feature to be added.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

Also note that this thread is currently tagged as “planned” so it may not be far off. :wink:

Infuse is very good when it comes to metadata, but sometimes it leaves files as individual episodes even if it recognized the metadata correctly, so to keep my collection organized, i have to use folders (see example screenshot). It would be nice if there in such cases there was an option to create a regular season item manually so they would appear as a single season instead of multiple episodes

This title is listed on TMDB, so it should work if you sort and name the files as a TV series like so:

Adventures of Captain Wrongel (1976) 
     Season 1
          Adventures of Captain Wrongel (1976) S01E01.mkv
          Adventures of Captain Wrongel (1976) S01E02.mkv
          Adventures of Captain Wrongel (1976) S01E03.mkv
          Adventures of Captain Wrongel (1976) S01E13.mkv

This is the English language alternative spelling.
Of course it will also work if the title is spelled as listed, “Adventures of Captain Vrungel”

Today’s new features email reminded me about this feature and how much I would like to see it implemented. Status has changed to “planned” since the last time I checked… does that mean there’s an actual release date?

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When this finally get implemented? :wink:

TMDB always d!cks around with their stupid rules and that so called “bible” of contribution.

If you want to add something to TMDB, knowing that it’s probably not worth your time, what you can do is to add a movie or a TV show with 2 episodes with the most bare bone Information, then report yourself or mention it in their discussion/talk page. The “moderators” will come and look at your page and probably delete it. If they don’t, then you can go back and flush out the rest.

If they tell you to piss off in a passive aggressive way, at least you didn’t spend much time on it and wasted their time too.

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Yes, and that is why we finally need the possibility to add own TV-Shows mit XML/NFO completely without the need of TMDB :wink::+1:

Promoted to planned :shushing_face::tada:


Yes finally :tada:
But „planned“ could be mean we have to wait some more 2-3 years for it :rofl:

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I don’t want to like your post because I don’t want to jinx anything.

But with the 7.5.5 stuff I was so excited for being pushed back from “in progress” to “pending” and no earlier than 7.6.1, which is at least 5 update cycles away now … I’m kinda getting my heart broken. :pensive:


I hope the data structure is compatible with Jellyfin’s.

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Pretty standard between that and Kodi and all the others.