Crazy naming issues

I’m accessing my media form a shared folder and it’s mostly working great. The only thing is that I have wacky naming issues from time to time. For example, I have two consecutive episodes of the HBO show Gentleman Jack. Both are named coirrectly but when I access them in the Infuse one looks perfect and the other shows garbled characters for a name and, consequently, can’t get associated metadata. Both play fine.

If I try and edit in the app I do not get “Gentleman Jack” as a choice upon serching. Is there an editor I can use to check embedded data, for the file, on my Mac?

Thanks much!

You might want to try and re-enter the file name for the one that shows garbled. I had a video file that had a hidden character in the file name that really threw things off. Could you copy and paste the file name here for the one that’s goofy?

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In Infuse it’s name is “GUI46S~K.MKV” and it should be “Gentleman Jack - S01E03 - Oh Is That What You Call It?”

Do you think it’s the “?” ?

What type of device are you streaming from? Are you using UPnP/DLNA by chance?

UPnP/DLNA works a little differently, and instead of having direct access to the files, Infuse gets a list of files from the server. We’ve seen a few cases where some servers will rename files included in these lists.

If you’re able to connect via SMB or NFS, you should be able to avoid these issues.

The question mark doesn’t throw it off so it sounds like what James said.