Crashing in 7.5.3 with some file names

the Mac app for infuse is crashing repeatedly after updating to 7.5.3! i’m on MacOS Monterey 12.6.3. M1 Macbook Air (2020)

Infuse is also crashing on iOS after latest update to 7.5.3.

It is also crashing on ATV4K too! What’s going on!

This version seems to have an issue with files named in Japanese for me.

I experienced the app crashing after updating on both iOS and iPadOS. I emptied the folder and slowly added the files back. Seems alright for English, Mandarin and Korean file names. But when I added my anime files which contained Japanese characters, the app started to crash.

Appreciate if you could look into this. Thank you.

Can you describe what you are doing in the app when this happens?

If possible, can you send in a diagnostic report and post the 5 digit code here?

Would you be able to post a few of the exact filenames you are seeing this issue with (or PM them to me)?

I am actually doing nothing except open the app, and a split second later it CRASHES. I even tried opening using “Rosetta” compatibility mode as you can see in the video but it still crashes >> Infuse 7.5.3 crash MacOS - Album on Imgur

I can’t submit diagnostic report as you can see i cant even open the app at all!

Btw this also applies to iPhone, ATV4K too.

P.S: I dont know if this would help but someone said something about japanese characters, and I did have movies with Japanese characters. However deleting them didn’t change much. However I dont think that’s the issue since i had these movies since ages now and it never crashed like this before at all.

It seems there is a bug which appears with certain filenames.

We are working to fix this ASAP.

ok hoping for the best!

We’ve submitted a fix to Apple, and hope to have this available on the App Store shortly.


ok cheers!

This has been fixed in the 7.5.4 update which was just approved by Apple.

Thanks for your patience.

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good news it worked cheers!

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