Crash when using Firefox

When I use Firefox and crash everytime. ATV had to restart. Is is better to use Safari ? How do I install Safari ?

Couch Surfer is “Safari” for the Apple TV. Is there a specific site that crashes FireFox for you?

every time I surf the web… after one or 2 clicks it crashes…

Which version of aTV Flash do you have installed? Using Firefox is much improved in the current 3.6.2 version.

You can view the installed version in Maintenance > About.

I have the same problem - Firefox loads for 1 or 2 seconds in my case and then crashes/ machine reboots. I am running firmware 2.3 with the 3.6.4 ATVFlash code.

I’d like to surf - but neither Couchsurefer nor Firefox work.

Can you advise how to get a browser working properly ? Do I need a mouse/keyboard installed? Is Airmouse okay?


For using Firefox (or any apps launched through nitoTV > Applications) a USB mouse/keyboard or Mobile Air Mouse app ( will be needed to control them.

The Apple remote can be used to surf in Couch Surfer.

^^ that makes no difference on the app crashing!

my aTV also crashes running firefox, reboot aTV and then it works, but if i come back to the finder, then go back to the app it crashes and freezes! also Mobile Air Mouse settings e.g enabled/disabled reset to disabled everytime i have to reboot!? any reason why it cant save the setting i choose like it does for the rest for the plugins?

I'm having the same problems. Firefox crashes as soon as I open it in NitoTV. I've installed the Smart Installer and Flash but it makes no difference. Anyone know how to get Firefox to actually work on the ATV1?