Crash infuse

Hellow I buy infuse for Apple TV the last update version and when I open infuse crash? I reinstall and nothing pleaze help me.

Welcome to the forum! Sorry you’re having problems, have you tried restarting your ATV?

Yes and the problem still the infuse crashed when open

Do you have many other apps on your ATV? Just wondering about how much free space you may have.

32GB is my Apple TV and now I haven’t any i programs on my tv

So you can run other apps without problems correct? But when you launch infuse it crashes .

Does it get to the Infuse home screen before crashing?

Yes and when I open infuse the program crashes

Just to verify, you’ve tried the following and the problem persists:

  1. Restart your Apple TV per this instruction How to turn off or restart your Apple TV - Apple Support
  2. Deleted and reinstall Infuse.

If you’ve done both and Infuse still crashes on launch it may be time to try a reset on your Apple TV.

You can find the instructions here Reset or restore your Apple TV to its factory settings - Apple Support

Just make sure to follow them exactly.