Crash, Crash, Crash

i opend a recent topic about this but got no help,
i tried everything now, i brought my new APPLE TV 2021 4K (tvOS 14.7 18M60) and restarted it, i deleted infuse and deleted all MetaData, i turned off iCloud Sync, i only synced 1 Drive into Infuse and made no Metadata/Cover Changes, and almost everytime Infuse Crashes back into the main ATV screen,
Infuse Ver : Infuse Pro 7.0.9 (3759) , diagnostic error code CTD32, right now i can only log in to some folders and not others and its just keep on changing, like with Seinfeld Seasons, sometimes i can only access 6 then i cant and can log onto 8 and sometimes i get 5~6 crashes in a row before i give up,
i thought its beacuse infuse is buffering in the upper right corner but thats not the case as the entire drive is fully loaded. right now i tried accessing x-man movie series and got 4~5 crashes then it worked!, another error code is : 18YND
Please Help, Thanks in Advance, Eli.

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