Crash ATV2 on 5.02 firmware

I cant get my ATV2 to work after seasonpass and installed firecore. It just crashes, and crashes badly.

I jailbreak it with seasonpass, cant do it without kicking it into DFU mode without a power cabel though but it works after that. It finishes the jailbreak and then itunes tells me its all done/restored. Then I connect to the TV…:

1st time I managed to upload firecore and start XBMC and 20 minutes in to the film the ATV2 just shut down. All black screen and no signal/lamp on the ATV. Tried to reboot with disconnecting the cable. Changed cable. Nothing worked.

2nd time I did the jailbreak as the 1st time. All good. Connected it with the TV and wi fi then had to leave for work, when I came back it was totally crashed again…

3rd time I got through the jailbreak but when connected with power and hdmi it doesnt start at all. Tried several times.

The ATV2 is on 5.02 firmware. 

What should I do?

Hi.  No solution here.  Just similar problem. I re-installed ATVflash on a freshly restore ATV2.  I had to use iReb to get the jailbreaking done.  I got to the main screen on the ATV and started installing extras.  After I selected XBMC it rebooted.  I got the apply logo and then nothing, just a blank screen. HDMI input says “no signal”.  Any ideas for us?

sorry, it’s the Apple (not apply) logo that I get.