Crash and bug after Last update 7.3.7

Thank you. We’re looking into this.

Ok i wait for you answer…

We’ve identified the issue here, and will have a fix available in the next update.

That s great News thanks !

Hi guys, hi @james ,

after I updated to the newly released 7.3.7, instead of having the announced “Ultra-optimized streaming”, the streaming is much worse.
Before I almost had no issues with playback, but now I always get the spinning icon for like 3 seconds, before the video starts. Also the seeking was instantaneous before, now when I rewind or forward within a episode it takes also like 3 seconds (with the spinning icon) until it starts again.

Am I the only one?
And can you downgrade to the version before?

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Mine literally won’t play anything from my NAS after this update. “An error occurred loading this content” - 13ZAZ

Seeking was instantaneous before but with this new version i always get the spinning “buffering” thingy and it takes 2 seconds before playback resumes.

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Can you try replicating this issue, and then send in a diagnostic report from Infuse (and post the code here)?

This appears to be an issue with the NAS, as Infuse is getting a ‘Can’t read file from host’ error when attempting to play certain videos or read file specs (not related to caching).

You might try restarting the NAS, or possibly adjusting the SMB version in Infuse via Infuse > Settings > Shares > (share name) > Edit.

Are you able to send in a report as well and post the code here?

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After a reboot (Apple TV 4K 64GB) i can’t reproduce the issue. Will report back if it happens again.


After a reboot of my ATV, it seems that it is OK now. If I have further problems, I will report.

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I have the same problem with 4K movies buffering on my Apple TV 4K with Gigabit Ethernet connection. It’s definitely a problem with Infuse. The same movies play flawlessly with the Plex app on my LG OLED TV with WiFi connection.
Rebooting the Apple TV 4K didn’t solve the problem.

Same here, rebooting didn’t solve it for me. Worth the shot though

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Just adding my experience here as well. Since the latest update I regularly get Infuse freezing/buffering and sometimes just a black screen while playing back 4K HDR videos. Restarting the app fixes it, but it will eventually happen again.

Running gigabit ethernet streaming from a NAS. Had no issues previously.

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For those having buffering and laggy issues, very slow seeking, and perhaps crashing, try switching the Streaming Cache to Legacy or Memory only setting. See if that affects your issues. It resolved them for me. The “new” cache system is filling all available storage space on the ATV.

Yep! Same issue here.
All videos from mega dont play on appletv 4k at all.
I have very good internet and tested download speed via MacBook and all okay.
Also I have two AppleTV 4k and this problem occurred on both devices.
Tried to reset Apple TV, change wifi, connect Ethernet-cable - nothing.

Why is almost no one submitting logs in this thread? It seems some people can reproduce the issue (not me) so please send some logs! Its so easy!

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Today’s 7.3.8 update has a few improvements and fixes for issues we have seen reported since the release of 7.3.7.

Please give this update a try and let us know if you run into any further issues.

Thanks for your patience.

Just a quick notice that 7.3.8 fixed all issues with buffering during seeking for me. Thanks!!


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