Crackling Sound in DTS/AC3 and Endless Buffering Playing Video Files !!!

Hi all,


i have setting up aTV Flash on my new ATV2, but there are some playback errors :(


the appletv is connected to my samsung audio decoder via optical cable ! when i activate DTS or AC3 and begin stream from “network share” it begins to make horrorible crackling sound

at moment i can only play the mkv files with stereo (deactivated ac3 or dts).

just want to inform about the unsupported audio playback.


second bug:


in some TS files from my pc recorded with dvb-s software, the aTV Flash Player is hanging when i start the videos (endless buffering). one of the TS files is starting but there is only black screen and no sound 


hope there will be some fixes in the next version


wish you all the best aTV Team:X

Yep, this is a very known problem. 

Please read post: "No audio with Dolby 5.1 and DTS in Media Player " many other users are reporting the same bug.

You should also report a formal support incident so tech support gets more information and realize it is not just an isolated problem.


As above, please see this thread for more information.