CPU/Memory/FPS info removal


I’ve been able to figure out most things in XBMC, except for one annoying feature which hasn’t gone away.

Over the playback and even in the menu of XBMC (regardless of skin type) there is a text line (‘Live text?’) across the top left of the screen that gives information about ‘Free memory, CPU usage, FPS’ etc.

For the life of me, I am unable to find an option in the menu, or system to remove this. It is rather annoying when watching content, and I haven’t found any discussion on where to remove it (in this or other forums)

If anyone is able to simply tell me where to turn this overlay off, the Apple TV would be almost perfect.

I Appreciate in advance, anyone who may help.


Joe R

Seems like it was simply the “debug mode” option in the system settings (I was always looking in Appearance/Display settings)

So for anyone else as obtuse as I was, there is the answer.

Sorry to waste anyones time.

Glad to see it was removable. That would be a very annoying thing to have to have on the screen all the time.