Covers of Movies missing


Since version 6.3.6 (3038) I am suddenly missing many movie covers.
Version 6.4 has not brought any improvement in this respect.
How do I get the covers back?



This post may shed some light for you Missing or incorrect movie artwork - #3

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That helped me. Thanks a lot. I went to the gear wheel and pressed the red button “Remove metadata”. 7GB it was. Now it downloads again. Looks good.

I also found many or most of the covers missing in my library! I read that linked post and understand that the data is fetched from a 3rd-party site. However, how often does it fetch covers? The metadata cache is pretty big and I thought they had been saved locally.


This is hugely disappointing. I cleared all the “metadata” and that solved the problem of the covers. However, it also deleted all the records where I had fixed which title the movie was. It deleted all the subtitles and all the timing adjustments.

Even some titles that were correctly identified in the past were wrong. When I went to edit The Neverending Story (which now was incorrectly identified as part 3), which has a filename of “Neverending Story” in a folder named “Neverending Story”, all I got was a choice of:
The Neverending Story Part 2
The Neverending Story III
I had to manually type in the name and search to get it to suggest the correct title.

This is ridiculous! There needs to be an option for only deleting the covers. If I ever want to delete all subtitles, that should be separate. Title corrections should also not be erased!

Ugh. This is mess.

It hasn’t been a problem before so there wasn’t a need for an option to just delete covers.
Try calling it this. It works for me:
Neverending Story (1984).mkv

If you have a Mac, use filebot to easily rename all your movies: ‎FileBot im Mac App Store
Neverending Story (1984).mkv works great for me too!

For films, if you add year date after the name, the cover is good (most of time). It was not necessary before.
Example : - 2019 - 1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-HD.MA.7.1-FGT.mkv

Filebot is very expensive :frowning:
For TV Series (not film) Rename my TV series is freeware

Thanks. Yes, that works for a single file but I’ve had to correct a lot of files.

It’s also simply wrong to delete subtitles as “metadata”, which they are not.

Yes! It didn’t seem necessary before, for me.

I’ve also noticed that it no longer properly detects this format:
Neverending Story, The

This just happened to me.

I’m having to weigh up whether I want to fetch the artwork manually for some of the 2000 movies I have on my drive (the artwork that has disappeared) or clear the metadata and have to collect the metadata for the movies that didn’t catalogue properly when I first set it up. It’s a 50/50 at the moment.

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