Covers Not loading

Since the last update I am having trouble with the covers loading for my files, and even the folder icons loading for the shares and for the files inside of the shares. They always loaded before, but now I can have them one time I turn on InFuse and not have them the next. When I try and load the picture for the shares Icon I get This operation could not be completed. All is getting very frustrating. I have very shitty internet and I hate how all the covers have to reload every time there is an update. Is there any help with any of these problems?


Sorry to hear about your troubles, but if you are able to send in a report from your device we’d be happy to look into this further.

Also, are you connecting via UPnP/DLNA by chance? Issues like this are less likely to occur when connecting via SMB, NFS, FTP/SFTP, or WebDAV. If your share supports any of these it may be worth switching.