Covers in various languages

After the sync with TheTVDb seems to “work” again. I get the covers displayed in different languages.
Cyrillic script predominates . I am aware that FireCore has no influence on TheTVDB, but since the display and management is a core component of Infuse, I would really consider a second sync option or a general better adaptability of the library. This is really more than just rudimentary, and the attempt to offer the Plex library as a master solution I also find quite difficult, because if I want to use Plex I do, but then I don’t pay for Infuse anymore.

We’re seeing things return back to (mostly) normal today, though there are still a few lingering issues.

If you are seeing issues in Infuse, what you can do is use the Edit option on the affected titles, and reelect the correct series name. Doing this will refresh the metadata and artwork for the entire series which may clear up what is going on.

Also, Infuse will default to fetching metadata/artwork in the language of your Apple TV. You can override this by adjusting the Language options found in Settings.

Hi James,

unfortunately, reloading the metadata didn’t work before the problem with thetvdb. It’s been quite common lately that some covers in the main view (last played / added) only displayed a gray cover. Unfortunately, it only helped to clear the complete metadata cache and hope that Infuse will extract the correct metadata. Changing the individual metadata did not change anything, but always reloaded the previous cover.

The problem today can’t be solved unfortunately either with your tips.

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TheTVDb relies on quite a bit of CDN caching, so it also may take a bit for the incorrect data in those caches to clear out.

I’d give it a bit of time and things should hopefully be back to normal.

If you have specifics on the issues you were seeing before the outage, we can look into that if you like.

Hi, I have the same problems displaying data for the series.
Unfortunately, some titles even disappeared completely from the database and can no longer be traced. Especially serials from the Nordic countries or Eastern Europe.
Most previews are in Cyrillic or even missing altogether.
I guess the problem won’t be on your side, but this is terrible.
I can only hope that the situation will improve, because otherwise I am completely satisfied with the application.

Next day the same problem, the covers have different languages, some stay grey (Better Things, Sheldon etc.), others just lack everything. An answer how this problem can be solved or how one would like to deal with such a failure in the future would be appropriate meanwhile. Relying on an external provider with whom not even a contractual relationship exists for a core functionality is very brave :wink:

TheTVDb has published a list of known issues that have appeared since the switch, along with a status for each. This particular problem has a status of ‘in progress’.

If it is planned or at least the idea is pursued to build in a further option regarding the content metadata, Kodi and co. also offer these possibilities. Because I have to admit I’m at Infuse because it’s easy and looks good. Infuse loses this status in the last year, which I think is a pity.

The first post to the issue link you link to is from Fri Aug 02, 2019. sry but the whole thing doesn’t really make a very professional impression!
The problem with the grey covers isn’t mentioned there either.

The devs at TheTVDb have told us they are aware of the issue, and a fix is in progress.

We expect it will be resolved soon.

Thanks for your patience.

your trust i want to have in devs that make an API change that causes a days long outage…