Cover serie doc

I have followed the steps to change the cover of a series of documentaries, and it is not changed.

I have tried the following options:

Putting the jpg file directly where all the video files are placed, and the jpg with the same name.


I have also created a folder called PLANET EART II, and I have placed inside all the videos and the jpg file with the same name, I have also tried with the name cover.jpg and the image of the cover is not changed in any way serial.

How could I do it?

Maybe remove the period between the season and episode to start with so instead of
“PLANET EARTH II.S01.E01.mkv” you have

This works best for other reason too but the following should fix your problem.

Next instead of “PLANET EARTH II.jpg” placed in the series folder try naming it “poster.jpg”

This format worked great when tested
PlanetEarthPoster test

Edit to add, this is all in the users guide also.

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I would like to put a cover for the series, and then a cover for each of the seasons. I have done it in the following way, but it does not take the images. How could I solve it?

not Season 01.jpg
that should give you what your looking for!
If that doesn’t work try

You need to follow the names in the metadata link above, for example you have “Season 02.jpg” to follow the guide it would be “season 02-poster.jpg” the “-poster” should make it work.