Cover/poster art question

I noticed that although the art gets cached, sometimes when I come back from watching a movie the art doesn’t reload properly and they are all its blank. Is this a known issue?

Also, what is and isn’t cached? It seems that some of the film detail art isn’t cached… Or maybe it is and isn’t loading properly?

And is it possible to use our own art stored with the movie file, like title.jpg?


Same problem here, my movies are stored on my synology nas. And everytime the artwork has to be downloaded again. And several times it doesnt load a thing.

Same problem here… Sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t.

Same problem here, caching hardly ever works.

Hmm, sorry about that.

Infuse should be caching everything, though there are a few cases where we are working to improve how well that caching works.

How many videos are in the folders you’re browsing?

I have about 450 videos, connected via SMB.

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Same here… about 500 movies. They a on a NAS connected with SMB or UPNP.

Just 30 or so movies on a wireless WD Passport hard drive via uPnP.

Is this fixed in 3.0.1?