Cover for series "Shameless"?


when I create a folder called “Shameless” I always get the cover picture of the original british Shameless series displayed. How can I switch the cover to the US version? Is this possible only by naming it correctly?

According to you need to include US in the name to indicate it is the US version. I would also suggest that it is the episode names (e.g.…)

Thanks for you fast replay, but it did not work :frowning:
I tried all the following:

There appears only a cover if I name it Shameless, but then it is the british cover.

You’ll need to rename the files to Shaneless US S01E01.EXT and the series folder to Shameless US then it should pick all the right data and pics.


Cool, thanks, that worked!
But is there any possibility with less work? Isn’t it possible just with renaming folders? Renaming so much file is not funny :slight_smile:

If you use a Mac to manage your files there’s a batch rename function built into the finder that makes renaming files a breeze.

Usually if you do an edit and select the correct metadata it will fix all of the others and should remember that for future adds but if you do the rename it will insure that you don’t have issues in the future for sure.

Thanks for the hint, but I use Windows and wouldn’t it be better if Infuse recognizes that automatically?

Infuse looks at the files as they are the basis for what is attached for metadata, the folder are the second step and rely on what the files are named to match it all up. If the files are named as required by the metadata sources they will match the first time without issues, usually. That’s not to say there are the occasional oddballs that you have to tweak.

If you rename the files it will work. I believe that windows 10 also has a batch rename function but I’ve no clue as to how it works.

Understand, thank you!
Do you also know, how I should name folders if I have the movie called “Westworld” (from 1973) and also a season with the same name Westworld?

And do you know if there is a setting to ignore local saved cover pictures?

I don’t put movies into individual folders I just have a main folder for movies called “Movies” and the individual files in that. For Westworld the movies I have it named “Westworld 1973.mkv”. As to the tv series, If you name the main series folder “Westworld” with the season folder named “Season 01” and the files inside that named “Westworld S01E01.mkv” Westworld S01E02.mkv" etc…

For either type movies or tv series it’s allowable to have additional info in the file name after the first part which Infuse uses to identify the file such as “Westworld 1973 1080p BluRay x265.mkv” for movies and “Westworld S01E01 720p homerip x264 AAC2.0.mp4” for TV series.


I have some new movies where the cover does also nit get recognized.
Could you please tell me the website, where Infuse searches so that I can try for myself for the correct naming?
This are german movies with german titles, is that also possible?
For example “Mein Opa und die 13 Stühle”.

Or an international movie from 2018 with title in german “Verschwörung”.

Infuse uses for movie metadata and for TV metadata.

Thank you.
How would I have to name my file, that Infuse will recognize that movie automatically?

Have you tried without the accent on the U?


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Just a guess “Mein Opa und die 13 Stühle 1997.mkv”

Thank you!
“mein.opa.und.die.13.stuhle.1997” worked!

What do you think that movie will work and how could I find that out by myself?

You may get your answers from the users guide here. Metadata 101 – Firecore Stick with adding the release year and that will get you close a majority of the time.

“File Renamer” is free on the Microsoft store and works like a charm.

@NC Bullseye
Thanks for that hint, I did read it, bit it does not help me, cause I don’t know how I should write special characters, or Umlaute.

For example how should I write the apostrophe in that english title?
The Girl in the Spider’s Web
Adding the release year also does not help. And writing the german title “Verschwoerung.2018” results in a complete different movie.
Isn’t it possible in that case without manually editing meta dats?
I am surprised, cause the title is not really exotic.

That one is working now: “’s.web.2018”
I think the problem was the name of the folder where the file was inside.