Cover for movie/series not loading?


all my covers for movies and series currently do load correctly, but now I have a new one movie/series (8 episodes) called “Der Pass” and the picture is not loading, but the description for every 8 episodes is loaded correctly:

This are my namings:

Folder: Der Pass 2019
Subfolder: Season 01
File: der.pass.s01e01.mp4 - der.pass.s01e02.mp4

What do I do wrong?
Is it maybe because it is only 1 season and Infuse is not sure if it is a movie or a series?

First, for TV shows Infuse gathers metadata from thetvdb not themoviedb.

I’m not where I can test it but you may want to try eliminating the “2019” from the Folder name and then do an Edit Metadata for one of the episodes and see if that doesn’t clear it up. If not, I’ll try to test it later today or tonight and see if I can find anything else.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I did already remove the 2019 and then deleted all metadata of my Infuse app an recreated. But it did not help anything.
If I edit one of the series I tried all 3 entries for “Der Pass” but with no one I got an image loaded TV Series main menu where all my other series do have an image. The strang thing is, that the image loads correctly as background of the screen when I enter into Season 1 and all episode desciptions are also loaded correctly. But why not the main cover and the cover for Season 1?

This could also be a problem that’s still in the works at thetvdb. They recently did a major overhaul of their databases and they haven’t got all the bugs worked out yet.

There’s a tacked thread here Issues with TV show metadata fetching - Updated 1/11/20 that gives you some background and thetvdb has a forum you can dig around on and see if others are having like issues with the same series.

Ok, thank you. I think this is a very unpopular series, so I don’t think I will find any other Infuse user with the same problem.
Could I fix it manually to get an image for that folder? Should I download the image and name it how?

I added the image as “der pass.jpg” now into the folder “Der Pass” (where also the subfolder “Season 01” is) and the image is also not displayed. Do you know why?

First, the tvdb forum I referenced is not just for Infuse users. thetvdb is used by many different programs and they are all having different issues.

If you want to add your own artwork you can follow the users guide here Metadata 101 – Firecore

It has all of the correct naming patterns for series, seasons, and posters.

I followed that guide, bit why does “der pass.jpg” not work??

I’m guessing that it doesn’t see it since that’s not the specified naming format for TV series.

Did you try using the name the guide recommended for TV Series posters

Series poster (available only while using Library)

Sounds like you could change the name to “poster.jpg” and place it in the series folder. Note it’s only going to show in the library

Thank you!! I added following files and now it worked:
poster.jpg and season 1-poster.jpg

Maybe for automatic downloading it is the problem that Infuse does find 2 search results for “Der Pass”? Can that be fixxed?

And how can I force Infuse to reload my changed JPG images? Or is this only possible by changing another search result as metadata?