Cover & Folder Art not showing

I have an Iomega NAS running Twonky and a WD MyCloud running its media server. On neither can I get the personal folder (xxx.jpg) or cover art (name.jpg) to show in infuse 4 for AppleTV. Even if the art is embedded in the file it does not show. For standard movie files that are in the TMDb everything else works perfectly. I tried using a folder on my MacBookPro that is using SMB and I had no problems. Therefore I concluded that the use of UPnP/DLNA is the problem. Is this true? Is there a workaround? Help.

I do not believe that information is sent to inFuse when using DNLA. Can you not simply connect using SMB instead?

Yes I could and I can but I lose the functionality provided by dlna. I have a very large library. :frowning: