Cover artwork reloading

Why does Infuse forget the images?

I can tell, when my internet is a bit slow, that it is reloading image it has already loaded in the past. This happens over and over…

I’ve been using Infuse now for about a month and it still has not even loaded all of the cover images. I have even, on a couple occasions, just left the the app open to the index page and it still didn’t load them all. Plus, the above problem, it forgets.

Why doesn’t it cache images locally?

Note: I’m not using Plex at all…


Geez. I just jumped out of the app for a second to check some settings and when I came it’s doing it again - it’s slowly re-loading the cover art. How can it be this slow?

It does cache artwork, but it takes some time to load from memory depending on how much you have. Is this mainly for tv shows, movies, start page?
Are you using the library or just favorite folders? Also, does it load other metadata for the ones it cannot load? Maybe it can’t figure out what movie/show it is.

If it’s cached, why is it re-caching? If it can’t figure out what a show is, why does it repeatedly load the same artwork (after waiting for some time)? I guess, it’s just crazy slow with 70 different shows. This is something that really should be improved…

If it can’t figure out what something is, it generates a thumbnail from ~30s in. That will take some time. I would probably work on getting infuse to correctly detect your tv shows by renaming the files appropriately. or if isn’t in any database, provide your own artwork.

So, it’s my fault? I’m beginning to regret paying money for this app…

Folders and seasons are named correctly, btw.

Can you give an example of one that doesn’t work with file structure?

Here are instructions for naming and adding your own artwork: Metadata 101 – Firecore

Been doing it that way for the past 10 years.

They do work - but they are insanely slow and the app can’t even keep the images in memory if you scroll. EVERY time I boot the app up everything is reloading.

Anyways, I’ve already said this. There are many threads going with more or less the same problem. I give up…more hassle than this is worth…

Forgive my asking, but I don’t know where your problem is. Is this when you are looking at list of tv shows, or when you go to inside a specific show, or somewhere else? 5.7.1 did fix some of the slowdown when loading tv shows for the first time in memory. Not immediate, but better.