Cover art very seldom found

I can add a movie such as Julie and Julia…the import will find the movie details but will not find any cover art for it…I goto IMDB and it is there…

This is not a 1 off problem as I am seeing this with many other movies also such as Shrink.

I cant find a way to contact Sapphire to work with them…they have a link to leave a comment but it just sittings and thinks and goes no where.

How does everyone else get this resolved or is Sapphire just a bad tool??


I found that problem too with the update. So till they fix this what I do is find the cover art I want by going to google images and as example type in Julie and Julia Poster Art. Once I save my choice I rename it to the exact name of the movie (as this is needed for the poster art to show up in Nito.) Now I make a copy of the same poster art and find the imbd page with the movie. Up in the address bar I copy the numbers that are the last part of the web address, for Julie and Julia this is 1135503. Now I rename the poster copy I made to that number. Then I cyberduck or any FTP to the apple TV and place both the named and numbered jpg’s into

library/application support/Sapphire/cover art/@movies.

Now the poster will show up in both Sapphire and in Nito.

In its current version, Sapphire only searches IMPAwards for cover art for movies. IMPAwards doesn’t have a nice system for fetching the cover art if the IMDB number is already known. Since display of yet another (which of these search results do you intend) dialog would be unacceptable, it looks at the posters linked by IMDB for one linking to IMPAwards.

If you look at both movies you cited, neither has a link to IMPAwards in the posters section. That is why Sapphire didn’t find any cover art.

P.S. The next version of Sapphire’s importers are capable of finding much more cover art. One example I test earlier showed over 20 for a single movie, of which only a few were from IMPAwards.