Cover Art not updated

I want to change the covert art. So I put for each move a .jpg with identical name as the corresponding movie. Next, selected the particular folder and (middle button) choose “Reload Metadata”.


Problem is that most of the time this does not work.  can see in Finder that all the correct .jpg’s are in place but Mediaplayer keeps on showing the old Cover Art. Sometimes (after several ‘reload metada’) it does work but very seldom.


I do not want to reload all metadat because only this particular folder.


How do I do it otherwise?



I have dived deeper in this problem.


I deleted all .jpg’s in the folder, did ‘reload metadata’. Result: all the original metadata (i.e. .jpg’s) was still shown.

Then I changed the layout of this folder from list to raster. Mostly still the same Metadat was shown BUT a few were shown Metadata (.jpg) from a longwr while ago meaning metadata that was coupled earlier.


So this movie shows 2 different metadata depending on list/raster while there is no .jpg anymore and this is a movie that cannot be found automatically.\


Also I discoverd that .png’s never are recognized as cover art but when I change (literally) the suffix ‘png’ into ‘jpg’ then it works and is shown with round corners.

Also ‘reload metadata’ on individual movies sometimes does work but also lots of time does not work. So there must be something wrong within the ‘reload metadat’ routines. 

James & Team - Note the different varient to the problem I’ve reported and your looking into but to me they sound like they are linked.

ton - This is simular to a problem I have and have reported to the support team and have an open ticket for so it is being looked into.

My issues is i replace a jpg as i want to update it but it doesnt work. Routeen below:

On my NAS, Delete old jpg, replace with new jpg, rename new jpg to match the folder name, go to atv and navigate to folder, select reload metadata.

The old jpg goes but all I get diplayed on screen is the grey ticket. I’ve tried several things but cant get the old, or new jpg to load. I’ve sent several emails and pictures (screen dumps of what atv is doing and the actual jpg’s I’m trying to get loaded) to the Firecore team.

Hopefully we will have resolution soon.