Cover art not displaying correctly in latest version - SMB2 share and .png files

My cover art was displaying correctly in previous versions, but now seems to just display one of the .png files for all of the titles in the same directory. It looks like an “update” is not working correctly, as I get a “flash” of the old (correct) images, but then quickly an update of the same graphic, replicated for all titles.

These are long files names with spaces, shared on an SMB2 share with .png files for the images. This was working in previous versions, and the file names are still there when I go to the disc.

AFL 2018 - Round 01 - Essendon v Adelaide Crows.m4v
AFL 2018 - Round 01 - Essendon v Adelaide Crows.png
AFL 2018 - Round 02 - Fremantle v Essendon.m4v
AFL 2018 - Round 02 - Fremantle v Essendon.png

Did something change? I double checked on the Metadata 101 page (Metadata 101 – Firecore) which seems to remain unchanged.



Hmm, I just tried this (with your filenames) in the 5.8.1 version which was released today, and it seemed to work as expected.

I don’t believe there were any recent changes related to this, but can you try the new update to see if that helps at all? You can also use the ‘Edit’ option in Infuse and select ‘None - use embedded metadata’ (see attached) to force Infuse to update the artwork/info for the affected file(s), which may help too.

Thanks for this James. Upgraded to 5.8.1, but to no avail. When I individually select internal metadata, it fixes for that one, but then others need to be individually changed as well. Seems to be something weird. Made a short movie for you to see what happens (please rename attachment from .png to .m4v - not sure if attachment will make it, please suggest how else to send to you, happy if you’d prefer/suggest another method)

If you could change the previous file names to be 2017 and add the following below, hopefully you will be able to re-create. The name of the files at the top change, as does the large preview icon and the smaller ones at the bottom. They change from being incorrect, to correct then incorrect (but different) and then the large preview icon remains static.

I think it might be related somehow to Infuse thinking that these files are all the “Grand Final”. (when I select to change and use internal metadata, Infuse has the grand final selected. Probably from scraping metadata.

Here’s a 2017 example (Grand final for 2018 has not happened yet)

AFL 2017 - Grand Final - Richmond v Adelaide.m4v
AFL 2017 - Grand Final - Richmond v Adelaide.png
(please change your other file names to be AFL 2017* to match)

Forgot to mention, that when I went to the root directory of these files, held down select and applied “none - embedded metadata” to all folders/files underneath, that this produced the results I was expecting. Thanks for pointing me in the none - embedded metadata direction.

Great! Glad you were able to get it sorted out. :slight_smile:

Thanks again. If there is an opportunity to review the video with development to try to understand the “changing” cover art it shows, that might be good. Seems to be some instability in how these are selected and shown. (at least in the use model/set-up that was here)

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