Cover Art Issue

I’m getting no cover art on “some” of my movies, or I get Russian versions of the cover art, or I get the correct cover art. When I edit the metadata Infuse has selected the correct DB file but the cover art is randomly not selected or in Russian. The rest of the metadata is all correct, but the cover art. Many of the cover art issue are with older movies, but I have many recent movies too.

Few questions, first what version of Infuse? tvOS version? What language do you have selected for Metadata in the settings? How about a sample of a few of the file names that aren’t returning the metadata.

Infuse Pro 6.3.2 (2970)
tvOS 13.3.1

Neverland.m4v - 2003 - No Artwork
Deadly Drifter.m4v - 1982 - No Artwork
Gideon’s Trumpet.m4v - 1980 - No Artwork
Heidi.m4v - 1968 - No Artwork
Nothing Like The Holidays.m4v - 2008 - Russian Artwork
Left Behind III, World At War.m4v - 2005 - Russian Artwork
Left Behind II, Tribulation Force.m4v - 2002 - French Artwork?
All Roads Lead Home.m4v - 2008 - Unknown Language Artwork

Note in the photo attachments most movie’s artwork, listed along the bottom of the photos, are correct. It’s just maybe 2% of my movies. They all get the text metadata, just not the artwork.

Two quick thoughts, first on file names Infuse seems to work better with the year right after the movie name like "Neverland 2003.m4v and second you’ll want to make sure you have Embedded Metadata turned off in the Infuse settings.

You’ll have to do an Edit Metadata after you make the changes for Infuse to try a re fetch of new art work.

Lastly you may want to try setting the Metadata to Auto instead of English at least for a test.

I reset the movie name to Neverland 2003.m4v, verified that the Infuse Embedded Metadata was already set to OFF, and set the Audio to Auto. I then ran the Edit Metadata after making the changes. It has made no difference in the movie’s artwork.

Well, looks like there is no poster for Neverland 2003… Just looked at themoviedb and they don’t have one.

Since it’s a user supported site you could probably join and find a good poster to submit and it’d be used. :slight_smile:

You may want to look at the others too, I’ll try to look a bit later but have a few appointments to take care of first.

The thing is, is that I have two separate subscriptions. One for my home system and one for my RV system when traveling. Both systems have the same movies on two separate hard drives, so the source are not shared. My home system has the all of the movie artwork, but the separate RV system doesn’t.

The only thing I can assume, is that I setup my Home system several months ago and my RV system weeks ago, and now the DB is corrupted or somehow not functioning correctly.

For this particular title, it looks like the poster was recently removed. It’s unclear why.

I created an account on the Movie DB website and added the posters for each of these examples. I then edited the metadata files with Infuse and they recognized the artwork. I’ll continue with the other movies missing their artwork.
Thanks for your assistance… :wink:


I saw you’re nick over there and wanted to say thanks! Good job and thank you for jumping in. :slight_smile:

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