Cover Art in XBMC

I used to use XBMC back on the original XBox. You had the ability to scan folders and search automatically for cover art for all movies (same as Saphire does). I can’t seem to find that function… has it been ported?


On the surface it looks to me like your question is answered here:

But having said that I can’t figure out where to get the MediaGrabber script itself - nor do the links included all work. Let me know if you can figure out how this all works.


XBMC has built in scrapers, and when you add a media source for the first time you can have it grab it for everything in the folder. Then you also have the option to have it rescan the directory.

Issue is, on the appletv, can’t figure out how to get to the options menu to have it rescan… ={

just press menu for a bit (on the parent folder or the movie itself) and choose … (cant remember).

But pressing menu for a bit gives you a sub-menu in xbmc (like removing some medium, removing a volume, renaming …).

Now my issue is not the scrapper (works well), but that some of my French movies are not tagged well, and I can not seem to be able to change the cover art now (xbmc grabbed another movie witha similar name on imdb - bummer!-and cant use the library mode now - just the “stack”)

any idea?

So simple. Thank you.