Cover Art for TV Shows Issue

Please see attached screenshots. I have a “Viewed” folder that is not included in my Library, it includes all my viewed TV shows and Movies. Recently noticed an issue with the cover art for all my TV Shows not included in my Library. I’m certain the file names for the TV shows are correct. The file name format also matches the format for unviewed TV shows in my Library, and the cover art for those TV shows are displaying correctly. The cover art issue is only present for the main TV show folder, the season and individual episodes cover art displays correctly.

Also, this issue is happening on both my tvOS and iOS devices. I have cleared all metadata on all my devices several times and the issue is still there. Also tried removing the shared folder and then adding it again, same issue. Not sure if I’m doing something else wrong or if it’s a current issue that needs to be addressed. Please let me know if there’s something I can change now to fix this or if it’s a current issue that is being worked on. Much thanks.

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