cover art for tv shows does not show up

after upgrading to infuse 5 I am having issues showing the cover art for episodes of any tv shows. I am getting the files via SMB from an NAS and it has worked with infuse 4 before. The episodes are detected correctly and I am seeing the abstract from thetvdb but not the accompanied images (like in infuse 4). I have checked the Metadata 101 and related articles, but unfortunately these did not gave me a clue what might be wrong here. Any ideas what I might doing wrong?

Do you have the ‘Embedded Metadata’ option in Settings > General enabled by chance?

If so, Infuse will use the artwork embedded inside your videos instead of pulling it down from TheTVDb.

Unfortunately not, this is disabled :frowning:
It is also independent of file mode or library mode if this matters. Thetvdb has of course cover art available, I had to add a few for some missing episodes as I noticed :slight_smile:

I am asking as my kid cannot read very well yet and relies on the cover art to decide what to watch.

Ok, if you added artwork to TheTVDb it can take a day or two for things to update and that artwork to become available to apps like Infuse.

I’d give it a little bit of time and try again to see if it starts working. You can refresh metadata for a particular video by using the ‘Edit’ option and selecting the appropriate title.

I have added art for only for a handful of episodes, the others were already there. As mentioned, for the very same tree structure on the NAS infuse 4 pulls properly the covers already. I will see if I can install a squid proxy here to see what infuse is actually trying to retrieve

Can you provide a few example series names you are having trouble with?

Also, what language is your Apple TV set to? Is the Metadata language option in Infuse > Settings set to Auto?

This is about infuse on iPad, sorry, forgot to mention. Not sure if this makes a difference. Language is set to Auto, but there is no difference if I manually set it to German.
Here are examples of shows where no covers are being pulled:

When I delete the apps from the iPad, reinstall them and reconfigure them to access the NAS I can see in squids log these entries from infuse4:

1515008576.624 85 myip TCP_MISS/200 991 GET - HIER_DIRECT/ text/xml 1515008577.014 370 myip TCP_MISS/200 1057 GET - HIER_DIRECT/ text/xml 1515008577.444 385 myip TCP_MISS/200 14049 GET - HIER_DIRECT/ text/xml 1515008577.701 0 myip TCP_MEM_HIT/200 997 GET - HIER_NONE/- text/xml 1515008577.713 0 myip TCP_MEM_HIT/200 1063 GET e - HIER_NONE/- text/xml 1515008577.724 1 myip TCP_MEM_HIT/200 14054 GET - HIER_NONE/- text/xml 1515008579.433 33 myip TCP_MISS/301 395 GET - HIER_DIRECT/ - 1515008580.127 30 myip TCP_MISS/301 403 GET - HIER_DIRECT/ - 1515008580.716 32 myip TCP_MISS/301 402 GET - HIER_DIRECT/ - 1515008581.595 359 myip TCP_MISS/200 925 GET - HIER_DIRECT/ text/xml 1515008581.709 32 myip TCP_MISS/301 395 GET - HIER_DIRECT/ - 1515008582.157 29 myip TCP_MISS/301 402 GET - HIER_DIRECT/ - 1515008582.542 31 myip TCP_MISS/301 402 GET - HIER_DIRECT/ - ... ...

With infuse5 I see no connection attempt to thetvdb at all (only to, which isn’t configured from my end as I do not have an account), although it correctly detects the episode names and synopsis.