cover art for TV and movies

hi, 2 questions.  running latest ATV flash (1.5) and ATV ios 5.0.


I have a “master” folder that contain individual folders with TV shows. theyre mostly stuff for my daughter.  Inside every individual tv show folder are obviously the tv show files, but also a jpg file with the same name as that very folder, so when she looks at all the tv show folder, she sees dvd art of the show.  the problem is that recently, ive noticed that when you browse inside a tv show folder, the last file is not a video file, but that jpg filefor the dvd art, that ATV, for some reason shows me listed there as “playable” media.  if i select it, it just shows me  the picture in big on my screen… before, they were hidden, they wouldnt show in the folder… why?



also, in a completely separate folder, i have movie files that i included my own cover art with a jpg file that hasthe same name as the movie file as per naming convention. however, the metadata often matches that movie file with another movie, and that movie is the wrong one.  just the names are similar.  when i click and hold the center button, i select reload metadata, but gives me no choice and brings back the wrong movie title.  is there a way to tell ATV to disregard automatic metadata for a particular file, and instead use the one that i’ve ALREADY provided in the folder?? it seems you have no option to reject a choice by automatic metadata (like plex had)