Cover Art and List View

Loving the new update 2.2 update and network cover art when you get to the actual file,

also a option to enable the new list view on certain folders only, i.e. sub folders

Could Cover Art filter back through network share folders as i my shows all sorted linto folders per show and then per season etc., im sure im not the only person who has sorted all the content

TV Shows > 

The Big Bang Theory

  > Season 1

  > Season 2

  > etc


> Season 1

  > Season 2



pictures attached


Cover Art for every season and not only for the episodes would be nice.

Another to suggestions

manual cover art for folders and files if there is a JPEG with the same name would be great
The banality to delete cover art / metadata for files that pick up the wrong data and all the other metadata suggestions are wrong

I would not see all files (optional?), And so my view all series and episodes per season (like when they are downloaded directly onto the iPad).
Currently you have to put all episodes in bulk without folders?

We’re working to add some vestalitiy in regard to movies that are organized into folders, and hope to support them in an upcoming version.