Couple of UX Questions


I was looking over the screenshots of the product as well as reading the feature list.

If I have movies that do not play/sync to aTV via iTunes due to format, I will still need to use XBMC to view even with atvFlash, OR, will atvFlash installed enable me to view these movies within the normal aTV OS?

I am looking for a solution to which I can watch DIVX etc through the aTV OS, without having to click additionally into XBMC 3 times. (Launcher > XBMC > Videos > My Movies)

So looking at your screenshots I was not clear if the movies represented were purchased through the aTV interface, or if these were meant to represent one’s backed up movie collection, possibly in a format unsupported by iTunes…?


Yes, non-iTunes movies will be accessible through the native AppleTV menu. The screenshot at the link below shows a list of non-iTunes movies that are accessible via the native menu.

A step-by-step guide for transferring and playing non-iTunes files can be seen here:

Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile: