Couple of questions

I am thinking about buying an apple tv and aTV Flash Black but have a few questions I am hoping some can help me with.


I am looking to be able to use my apple tv for HULU Plus primarily along with some other things. My questions are:


  1. How can I get hulu plus on this? do I use the built in browser?  I dont have to stream it from my computer to the apple tv in order for it to work do i? I want to be able to just turn on the apple tv and go to hulu plus and play it. I dont want to have to stream hulu through my computer to the apple tv, I might as well just hook the computer up.


  1. Can you stream from other sites directly from the apple tv, such as ESPN3, CBS, ABC?


Thanks for your help!

+1, I’d be interested to hear answers to both of these good questions.  Thanks in advance.

In a nutshell, any HTML5 video can be streamed on the AppleTV.

Unfortunately since Hulu is still 100% Adobe Flash based it will not be supported. Sorry.

But isn’t there a way to get Hulu through the XBMC ad on? Does anyone have information on doing this thru XBMC?