Couple of questions re: aTV Flash, please help

  1. How can I check which versions of Apple TV firmware and aTV that I have?

  2. If I have the older version of either (not updated), if I have to update either the Apple TV firmware or the aTV version, will I lose all the photos. music, and videos on the internal HD?

  3. I have installed Mozilla Firefox, but can’t see it in any of my menus to be able to load it! I think it’s supposed to be under “Applications” in NitoTV, but I don’t even have an “Applications” tab under NitoTV. Where should it be?

Please advise. Thanks!

Nobody can help me here? :slight_smile:

  1. The AppleTV version can be seen in the Settings → General → About menu. aTV Flash version can be seen in the Maintenance → About menu.

  2. The aTV Flash version can easily be updated through the Maintenance → Manage Plugins menu. Updating the AppleTV software will require aTV Flash to be reinstalled using a USB drive. Updating either will not affect your synced media.

  3. The Applications menu can be enabled through the nitoTV → Settings → Categories menu.

Thank you, sir!