Couple of questions before I buy aTV Flash

Hi folks,

aTV Flash seems like a great product that will save me from manually hacking my atv, and allow me to keep it current easily. Currently I have sshd installed / usb enabled, and I have about 500Gb of movies on an external drive. Here are my questions.

Is there any way I can attach and use this drive after installing aTV Flash without reformatting it? I do have a backup drive, but it’s an awful lot of data to resync.

Can I keep my current method of storing movies, which is the following: I rip the DVD, and then rsync it over to the Apple TV. I watch movies via Sapphire, so iTunes is not really part of the equation here. I started using Sapphire in the first lace because I needed to keep the movies on my laptop for iTunes, which I thought was kinda stupid.

Thanks, and if I’ve missed an obvious thread on these things, my apologies, just point me to them.

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Is the drive being used for iTunes syncing, or is iTunes still syncing to the internal drive?

Installing aTV Flash will not require your external drive to be formatted. After aTV Flash has been installed, you can connect the drive as before and view content in the same way. The only exception to this is if you want to use the drive for iTunes syncing, this will require the drive to be formatted. More info on this feature can be seen here:

Thanks for the reply guardianmax. Yes, it is used for iTunes syncing, music and photos. So OK I’ll need to format it, I can live with that.

How bout the other question, will I be able to continue just ripping and dropping via rsync, if I continue to use Sapphire for viewing? Pretty sure that would be a “yes”, I can’t think of any reason why not.



Yes, you will still be able to use the same process. aTV Flash includes FTP access which will provide substantially faster speeds than SFTP.

Awesome, thanks very much for the info!