Country pricing differences

I was about to make an in-app purchase for Infuse 6 for the lifetime subscription in Turkish AppStore, and because the price was extremely high, I went on other country AppStores to compare the prices.

On US AppStore, the price of lifetime upgrade is $54.99.
On TR AppStore, the price of lifetime upgrade is 379.99₺, which is approx. $68

The funny part is, because the purchasing power of individuals in Turkey are far less than US, many application vendors are downpricing applications in TR store (like $0.99 apps are priced for 2-3₺ for attracting audience).

Don’t you think that these prices need some adjustments?

I always thought that Apple determined the exchange rate for other countries used in the App store.

The biggest reason for the price difference is the price shown in the App Store in Turkey (and many other countries) is inclusive of VAT (which I believe is around 18% in Turkey).

In the US, Apple will display the pre-tax price and will add local sales tax (usually 5-10%) during checkout.

Hmm… Thank you for the information, this makes sense.
What doesn’t make sense is that I’m not richer than an average US consumer, so I gave up subscribing.

One thing you may consider is opting for either the monthly or yearly subscription. Both of these strike a great balance between value and cost, and ensures you always have the latest and greatest version.

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