Could you adjust pricing ? 90euros/100$ for france? come on

i really want to buy infuse,but that price is abusive in my country,could you consider adjusting it ? i have to pay over 100$ ,90 euros ,for infuse ? or could i get through another country to get a somwhat cheaper price? this is abuse

I’m pretty sure it’s not intentional.
Exchange rates fluctuate very often. Infuse don’t necessarily monitor/adopt those exchange rates immediately.

Actually the exchange rate has gotten smaller since a few weeks.

Few weeks ago,1€=1.4 dollars

Now,1€=1.15$… See the thing ?

Before than it was even more expensive that it is now ,about 120-125$ for a subscription…

Then perhaps it will drop in price again. Since firecore is a US company I am guessing they have to account for international taxes and fees to move money so it’s not as simple as a direct exchange rate adjustment.

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Could be,made a post in case

It’s not Plex or Emby forums though.
It’s hardly like Infuse is some money orientated concern like the above.
Your post would have probably been been better without the “abuse” comment.
It’s hardly that.