Could we untether 5.2.1?

Have a JB AT2 that is running a tethered 5.2.1

Is it possible to use nitotv to untether as it is being done for 5.3?

Someone would have to work on that, this 5.3 untethered version was months of waiting so I don’t think anyone is willing to do that for 5.2.1. I read that the seasonpass 5.3 untethered is on the way within a week so just wait for that.

I plan to. I was just curious if you added that file if it was possible. Once seasonpass is updated, I might try prior to updating.

5.2.1 is just iOS 6.1.3


p0sixspwn should untether it fine.

@ILLNESS hey man, could u elaborate a bit more on uour comment above? How
Does one apply that Jb to work with an atv2?

You would do it from nitotv.  The fix for the problems is out, and the updated seas0npass is out.  No reason to keep around on 5.2.1.


5.2.1 is not supported. Sorry.

So guys… Ummmm whos right here? James im guessing ur saying untethered is impossible on 5.2.1? Is there any other alternative?

It’s not going to happen.  No one is going to spend the time backporting it.  James is right.  Just update to 5.3.


Great! Dont get me wrong i dnt care for 5.2.1 its just How do i update, my firmware just to 5.3? I mean if i twas to urn on auto update it will throw me right up to the latest version right? How do i jst get it to update to 5.3 so i can then jailbreak?

Thanks for the info

Just run the latest SeasonPass to re-jailbreak the system, and it will be updated to 5.3.

Note that you will have to re-install all apps/settings after doing this as the jailbreak process wipes the system.