Could vertical Alignment of ASS subtitle add some minus options like "-1", "-2", etc

ASS subtitle vertical alignment should have some minus options, like minus one and minus two, etc.
In any 16:9 devices, when playing movies there are usually black edges that is kind of waste of display area.
Minus options in vertical margins for ass subtitle allow us to use the black edges to display subtitle, which is quite practical as well as artistic in my opinion.
This problem has bothered me since I purchased Infuse because most players such as potplayer and IINA have the same feature.
It would be so nice if these mentioned options can be added.

Using minus options can allow us to display the subtitles like the second picture instead of the first one, thus making full use of the black edges and keeping the subtitles from blocking the frame of movies.

has anything been done about this? Still no -1 etc minus options now April 2024