Could this be possible?

I am mulling over trying to get the following to work. I have a Topfield PVR the recordings of which I can access via a modified ftp server running on WDTV. The source code of the ftp server is available and can be compiled for various linux based NAS etc. Rather than have WDTV sitting next to my AppleTV wasting power, I wondered whether it would be possible to recompile for OSX run the server on AppleTV.This would mean the recordings from the PVR would be available on my network to download, convert to .ts files and play from NitoTV. I am currently trying to get the FTp server compiled for OSX, not having much luck but that’s probably down to my complete lack of knowledge on compiling etc. If anyone has any thoughts on this plan ( like don’t bother etc,) then don’t hesitate to add them here. Meanwhile If I get any further with this idea I’ll post progress. The source code for the ftp-server can be found here:


I am also a Topfield and ATVFlash user, so I will watch your progress with interest

I’ve got my fingers crossed on this one but looks like I’ve got top people looking into it [url]] if they can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong then I’m stuffed anyway.


So far… I have succeeded in getting ftpd-topfield to work on a mac, now all I need to do is replicate what I have done on the ATV.

Have succeeded in compiling and installing ftpd-topfield onto appletv. This means that I can use my appletv as a ftp server for my topfield pvr (sitting next to each other) and back up the recording to a NAS, amongst others things…the next stage is to see if I can sync the recordings between the two pvrs i have. I’ll try to document the process when I have time. I’ve been standing on the shoulders of others to do this so I can’t really claim ownership of this.

cheers Colin


I have a Topfield PVR too and Apple TV 2 (Black).

If you could supply information as how you managed to get ftpd-topfield compiled/working on both OS X and ATV that’d be excellent :slight_smile: