Could not install aTV 1.5.1


I have a problem.

I did untethered jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 - 9B206f. Then I start to install atv flash black 1.5.1 but the installation hangs at the file transfer. I did re-jailbreak, but the problem persistsInstallation hangs on mac and windows. that this could be? how to solve the problem?

Same here too. I think their servers is too busy. But ss we cannot see the download progress…


I had the spinning beachball of death also.  Did not rejailbreak, could not see the point since the jailbreak was successful, so I decided to try it one more time before giving up and posting here… and it worked the second time around.  I’d suggest continuing to try at regular intervals, it seems to be the server, rather than the software itself.

I’v rebooted to ATV and restarted the installer (from Windows) and everything installed in a snap. Media Player working. 

I can’t get Media Player working, which is a pest, it means I’ll have to have a computer running plex instead of just having it served up on the router and hard drive

I have the same problem. The aTVFlash installer goes to spinning wheel during installation. The last entry in the log file is “apt-get -y update” and nothing happens for a half hour until I get impatient and force quit.

[Update: I tried later on and aTVFlash installed. No luck with Media Player at first, then it successfully installed when I tried later.]

I connected apple tv ssh(as admin) via terminal. Then i started atv flash installer. Finally it worked. :slight_smile:

To install media player i used this instruction:

1) Run the installer, if it takes more then 15 mins close it. 2) Run the installer again, it will finish very quickly, but also leave a few packages in a broken state (Media Player will say install failed when you try to install it). 3) SSH into your AppleTV and run these three commands:

killall -9 apt-get aptitude rm -f /var/lib/apt/lists/lock apt-get -y update (if it times out or takes a *really* long time, press CTRL+C and run the command again)

4) Reboot, install extras through Maintenance. 

I get the same spinning beach ball. I tried the SSH way but get this error at the end

W: Failed to fetch  HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

Rebooting the Apple TV doesn't change anything.

Thanks to postman85!

I connected apple tv ssh (as admin) via terminal, too. Then i started atv flash installer. Finally it worked at the second try!

The Installation of the Media Player works fine too, without any problems!

Further to my previous post, several attempts (without SSH since thats beyond my meagre talents) to install Media Player failed and then finally I tried the uplug ATV then restart it some minutes later.  To my amazement, Media Player had installed.  I’m happy now, just wanted to run my stuff off a drive attached to the AEBS and this is the most efficient way to do it.  I like Plex, for sure, but Media Player means I dont have to have a computer running.  All good.

I can’t help thinking that those who suggested that most of these issues are to do with the server getting hammered right after a new release (we’ve all been hanging out for this untethered one) are probably right.

The problem is not improved by the fact that the untethered jailbreak was released at the same time not just for ATV2 systems, but also iPhones and iPads running the latest iOS.