Couchsurfer wont Store Eyetv Bitrate

Since it is possible to use Eyetv over couchsurfer, the Bitrate wont get stored.

After restarting Couchsurfer and acessing the 3G Version, the Bitrate is always resetted to 320 kbps. ive to change it everytime watching tv! Is there an easier Way?


As there is no answer till now, I’ve started a little bit debugging by myself …

Look at the Bundle and locate the main.js and change the following line

getStreamQuality:function(){var aj=parseInt(af.streamQuality);if(!aj||(aj<80)||(aj>y)){af.streamQuality=320}return(af.streamQuality)}


Could you explain where the main.js file is located? Is it on the mac side?


Hi, you can view the content of the EyeTV Packages by right clicking on the App. Then use the Search-Function inside the Finder. But this method seems not to work any longer, since Elegato has released the last Update :frowning: