Couchsurfer webkit performance

Does couchsurfer use a custom build of webkit, or is it using a version of webkit built into iOS?

I'm trying to use it with some html optimized for webkit's visual effects, and although the pages render fine on other iOS devices, things are not so good in couchsurfer... the images are not rendering correctly. I'm curious about whether this is something that might improve in future betas, or whether it is a problem with Apple's implementation of webkit on AppleTV, and therefore is unlikely to be fixed.

Here's an example that doesn't render correctly:

I am getting the message "Memory Warning" while loading any one having the same issue?

Same here. memory warning:



Please let us know of any sites you find that are not rendering correctly using the 'Beta Feedback' option on our contact page here.

I get the low memory warning when trying to play any mp4 video through couchsurfer, and also when loading

You may try changing the user-agent setting found in the Browser > Settings menu to iPad.

This will usually load a lightweight page (sans Adobe Flash) which should work a bit better on the AppleTV.

I just updated to the new browser and the issue still 


Sites with issues


another issue

I can't use the "pointer" with my iPhone 4 it scrolls down and up even I am able to increase o decrease the size of the fonts  but not able to move the mouse...some times even don't show

same here...with any website...