Couchsurfer slow?


iOS for the iPad has a fast javascript engine and the same code that runs well on the iPad is really slow on couchsurfer? Has the fast javascript engine not been incorporated for some reason?

Also on Beta 5 it would leak memory and crash every few days. I am currently soak testing (24/7 operation of javascript) Beta 6 which seems better. To what extend can I expect memory leaks to be fixed in beta 6 when web browsing (hasn’t crashed yet, but we had a power surge so I had to reset the test after about a week where Beta 5 would last about 3-4 days)?


I also have a Javascript rich site that I’m planning on using as a plant-wide information system for my company. The apple tv coupled with some 42" monitors seemed like a great solution with couchsurfer (atv flash), but couchsurfer really has trouble rendering the javascript. My page scrolls from one url to another within a single iframe, but it become quite choppy, slow, and renders the page incorrectly after the 2nd or 3rd “refresh” of the javascript within the iframe. 

If you able to submit a bug report and include the site you’re having trouble with we can see if handling of Javascript can be improved.