Couchsurfer/front row/plex

I currently use Plex as my main media interface. I've installed MiRow to be able to use the features when I drop into Front Row from Plex.

My problem is that Plex auto-relaunches after Front Row exits - which is what happens when Front Row exits to launch Couch Surfer. This results in Plex overlaying Couch Surfer.

To partly overcome this I've set Plex up to launch CouchSurfer directly, rather than through Front Row. However the only way to exit couch surfer using the remote control relaunches Front Row while Plex is also relaunching (cmd-q does exit the app without going into Front Row again however).

In short does anyone have a potential solution for either -

1. Dropping into Front Row from Plex and then launching CouchSurfer without Plex relauching/taking at the same time.


2. Launching CouchSurfer directly and having a way to close down the app using the remote and not relaunch Front Row.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.