Couchsurfer = crash

I did a factory reset, installed ATV 3.6.4 and now when I launch Couchsurfer, and go to any web page, it loads the page then crashes. Says to click play on the remote.

AppleTV OS v2.3.1
ATV 3.6.4
Couchsurfer 0.6

Any plans to add “re-install” to ATV Flash? Or a remove, then install?

You can remove the current version of Couch Surfer through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu. Highlight the Couch Surfer entry, and press the right arrow (>>) button. You will be prompted to confirm the removal, and restart the AppleTV.

Once removed, you can use the same menu to download and install the latest 1.1 version of Couch Surfer Pro.

Thanks. I never knew about the >> button to re-install. Uninstalling, then re-installing worked.