CouchSurfer and NBCOlympics

Trying - ok maybe vainly - to get NBC Olympics Live Extra app to work on my ATV2. (Jailbroken, running aTV Flash Black)


Navigating to and selecting the download the app for Live Extra - and CouchSurfer actually does the download.

Question is - where did it put the file on the ATV2 - I’m ssh’d in and can’t figure it out

— and — is it possible if it did download that app that I can actually install it??

THANKS for any help or suggestions!

I may be mistaken, but those apps are for tablet (ipad or android) or mobile (iPhone or android), not for the ATV.

I should have self-replied - and the correct answer is that while that app is for the ipad / iphone - it DOES work - and it rocks. Simple solution - double click the home button on the ipad and slide over to airplay, choose ATV and go.

Works great! 

What I could never get to work - and would still like to get an answer for - is where does CouchSurfer deposit download on the ATV - like what directly does it dump them into? I would like to ssh in and runs some tests.