Couch Surfer Pro - run videos in page

Hi! I just got aTV Flash (black) and… it’s awesome!

Except, I’m in such a need for a stupid feature in Couch Surfer Pro - viewing videos not in fullscreen.

Why I need that: some of the sites that i need to access via CSP, have large collection of movies, tv-eps, videos etc. :slight_smile:

On Pc/Mac, you can view a video (that has subtitle) via flash or html5, subtitles being shown both in window or fullscreen mode.

However, on iPad/iPhone, due to lack of Flash, videos are shown only in html5 and subtitles are displayed only in window mode - in fullscreen, no subtitle.

(admins know this problem and, probably, are (not) working to solve it)

Accessing a video on aTV via CSP, immediately displays the video in fullscreen and, as such, there’s no subtitle shown :frowning:


So, i was wondering if there’s a way to start the movie in the browser page, like i would do on another iDevice let’s say, and switch to fullscreen if I want to do that?




I would like to know the same.

Also as the browser is on ios, all the videos are directly in “ios-quality”, meaning bad quality…
Can it somehow be changed that the automatically used quality is the better standard browser quality…?
The videos are fine on iphone or ipad but blown up to a 37" screen its way blurry?


Hello? Support?
Any comment on this problem? This is a problem I also wish to know more . Any sollution?

If you’re able to provide a few sample links we can take a look and see what can be done to improve the quality of these videos.

Hi James,
Thanx for quick answer. So, here is an example of the webplayer with subtitles. You’ll need to log in with a facebook account or smth. to access the url.
There are planty of other videos with subs in the member area. On iPad works great because it does not enter in fullscreen. But when I try to send fro iPad to appletv through airplay subtitles are missing. The same on Couch Surfer installed on apple tv when i play the video. Can those subs pe transmitted in couch surfer pro also in fullscreen? Or maybe not fullscreen ?


I would also LOVE beeing able to use videos in page and not in fullscreen. My ISP offers a linear TV site based on HTML 5 but I can not access the control buttons while video is in fullscreen. Would be a very nice feature to have.

I could provide further information and screenshots - please feel free to ask for that.

PS: The site is designed to work on iPad.

Kind regards,


Nothing to be done here? With every update i hope this could work.
Can we still hope for a sollution here?