Couch Surfer Pro -- livestation TV channels

It would be great to be able to watch live TV via livestation ( Al Jaazera and BBC World News, for instance. 

I've tried using couch surfer but it won't work. I get the following message every time: 

However, the same channels (or websites) will play the live stream flawlessly on my iPhone and iPad.

I've also tried their mobile website (, but it won't even load on couch surfer. 

And I've tried with both agents (normal and iPad).


Thanks for your feedback and I look forward to being able to use the ATV2 to watch live TV from these (legal) sites.



That website uses flash to play media it seems.


Flash isn't supported on ATV.

Thanks for the observation. But it works on my iPad and iPhone so I thought it wasn’t a problem with Flash.


Chances are the website recognises the browser you are using as Mobile Safari, and opens up the stream (albeit a low-res one) to a format the iPad/ iPhone can play.

I don't know if Couchsurfer can spoof the website to thinking it's an iPad/ iPhone.

Thanks again.

In the settings for couch surfer, I can choose the "agent" as normal or iPad. The livestation website has two versions, a normal one and a mobile version. I've tried both and none of them work. The mobile version won't even load. The normal version loads, but when I click on the video stream it gives me the message I reported in my first post.